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Being a parent is challenging, especially when the child has behavioral and/or mental health disabilities. Often time the parent feels overwhelmed and ashamed. In many cases the child feels like a "bad kid" and undervalued by parents and sociality. 


My Name is Xaidan is a story about a little caterpillar who has behavioral challenges due to him having mental and emotional childhood disorders.  Xaidan's mother is overwhelmed by the number of phone calls, emails, and text messages she receives from Xaidan's teacher every day. Xaidan's behavior becomes out of control.  It becomes too much for the school to handle when Xaidan becomes angry and runs away from school.  As a last attempt to get Xaidan the help he needs to control his emotions, his mother is forced to put him in a children's behavioral hospital.


Xaidan secretly hates that his mother admitted him into a hospital, but with the help of Melody, another little caterpillar with behavioral disabilities, Xaidan learns his mother's actions were done out of love and the desire to help him manage his disabilities.

Hi! My name is Xaidan

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