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My Name is Xaidan coloring book is a story about a little caterpillar who has behavioral challenges due to him having mental and emotional childhood disorders. 


Xaidan's mother is overwhelmed by the number of phone calls, emails, and text messages she receives from Xaidan's teacher every day.  Xaidan's behavior becomes out of control, it becomes too much for the school to handle when Xaidan becomes angry and runs away from school.


Hi My Name is Xaidan's coloring book is a useful tool for psychotherapist, psychologist, mental health agencies, and hospital to engage children with behavioral and/or childhood mental health disorders.
This coloring book will assist with developing therapeutic rapport, engaging in conversation with children about their feeling, and emotions, and assist with removing the negative stigma of childhood mental health and behavioral issues.  Children will love coloring Xaidan's emotions and behaviors while exploring their own emotions and behaviors.

Hi! My name is Xaidan coloring book

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