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About the book series...

Author DeLonna Brown, MSW, LCSW realized there are a lack of resources for parents and mental health professionals working with children who have behavioral and emotional mental health disorders.  As a result,  the Hi. My Name Is..., book series was created. These books focus on reducing the stigma of childhood mental health disorders and act as a practical resource for parents and mental health professionals. The use of caterpillars in this series represents the transition and transformation one can experience along the mental health journey to become a newer version of themselves. The Hi. My Name is... series of books, activities and therapy games for children and adolescents, was formulated for diverse cultures.  Xaidan, his friends and their families experience the challenges of childhood trauma, emotional and behavioral issues while learning coping skills and  techniques to help moderate the difficulties of living with mental health disorders.


“I loved it! What great insight!! I think it will be a great asset for kids who are going through similar issues!”

-Cindy Mull, Behavioral Health Coordinator, Growing Child Pediatrics

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